• Maximum distance between cones when placing/collecting 70 meters.
  • Minimum distance between cones when placing/collecting 7 meters.
  • Average range (after full charge) 40 kilometers.
  • Maximum driving speed 22 kilometers/hour.
  • Minimum driving speed 3 kilometers/hour.
  • Width of side extension (approximately) 60 centimeters.
  • Weight (approximately) 450 kilos.
  • Hydraulic pressure 80 Bar.
  • System voltage 24 Vdc.

Standard features

  • Self supporting unit by means of four heavy 6V 220 Ah industrial deep cycle batteries.
  • Movement of arm for collecting and placing is fully automatic.
  • On-board automatic 24V/25A battery charger with multi-input power line (80 – 240Vac).
  • Distance of cones adjustable by non incremental rotary control on main control panel.
  • Override function integrated for lowering or raising collecting arm.
  • Easy maintenance access to mechanical and electrical components without dismantling structural components.
  • Designed to handle traffic cones of type PV, as harmonised by the EN13422.
  • Logically grouped components an colored wiring for easy reference.
  • On-board display battery discharger meter in conjunction with hour reading meter.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Key switch operated, preventing unauthorized use.
  • CE compliant.

Optional features

  • Custom colors.
  • Working lights.
  • Several battery systems available.
  • Infra-red camera with monitor.
  • Guard-rails mounted on truck.
  • Additional side-mirrors.
  • Additional support brackets for cone basket.
  • EZcal tool: single hand-held unit for maintenance and diagnostics of electrical control system.