Road work demarcation is needed in order to save lives. The work however, is done manually and for the most part a dangerous and a physically extremely challenging occupation, to say the least. All around the world, there are a lot of road works each year and millions of traffic cones are being placed. Usually, the cones are placed and collected manually by road workers. The road worker then hangs from the vehicle with a heavy cone in hand. This situation is physically very demanding, dangerous and undesirable. The rules regarding safety are increasingly accentuated.

Meet Gerard

Omega Infra has developed: GERARD, to improve road worker safety and optimize efficiency. GERARD places the cones semi-automatically as a result of which the situation for the road worker becomes safer and physically less burdening. A simple modular system that makes it possible to be build into the cargo area of nearly every vehicle.

  • GERARD is a device for efficient setting, placing and collecting traffic cones.
  • GERARD can be built-in the cargo area of any flatbed pick up or truck.
  • Final assembly of the Dutch traffic cone handler into the cargo area of vehicles is done by Omega Infra in De Lier, Holland. Or can be done by one of our dealers worldwide

GERARD is designed and developed for creating a safer and better working environment for the road workers.


We’ve created a list of standard and optional specifications for GERARD to make it suitable for your road workers needs.


Watch this video to see how quickly you can deploy our traffic cone handler and start placing or collection traffic cones.


Our Clients and Partners

GERARD’s wish

The name of our semi-automated traffic cone handler is a tribute to its inventor: Gerard Verheij.

He got inspired when, one night while he was driving in very bad weather conditions on a highway, he saw two soaking wet men in the back of a truck, one of them hanging out, placing traffic cones manually and he decided he wanted to end this unnecessary physical challenge. Unfortunately he was not able to finish his work. He passed away in 2009.

After having perfected our machine and convinced one of the largest infra-structural companies in Holland, who ordered our GERARD to perfect their fleet, we now aim to convince all other decision makers, to help realize Gerard’s wish. The first GERARD has been on the road since 2012.